Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Twin Drama!

No, no... we're not having twins (I wish!)

I was browsing a gossip rag site and noticed a snippit on a new Sweet Valley High book coming out in early 2011... Sweet Valley Confidential.

Elizabeth and Jessica are now in their mid-20s and I *pray* they've lost some of their innocence (and their little red Fiat that always got way too much coverage, imo).

I read the Sweet Valley Twins and SV High series in their entirety a couple times when I was 12-13 year old. I loved both Wakefield sisters: Elizabeth for her fierce determination to school and responsibility (something I envied and was only able to acheive later in life) and Jessica for being the cool kid I always wanted to be (still working on that one). Like any teen book, compromise was always reached on whatever issue plagued them in that edition.

So, this new book (out in March 2011) has Elizabeth on the other side of the country in NYC and Jessica's still living in San Fran. And, they've had what seems to be a major a falling out. Drama!

What a great way to kick off the trashy spring/summer reading list!

Excerpt here.

Sweet Valley Twins!

Sweet Valley High!

Sweet Valley Confidential!


  1. What a trip down memory lane...I can't believe how much you remember!?

  2. I'm suprised, too. I guess some stuff does stick with you. :)