Sunday, January 30, 2011

Word of the Month: LAZY! *yawn*

I could not believe it when earlier in December a Sesame Street episode actually chose 'lazy' as their word of the day. I was looking for a segue into a 'being lazy' post and now I have it!

I remember being at a friends place when I was younger (14/15 years old) and they had a couple of phone lines in the house. We were in the basement and she actually called upstairs (literally about nine steps away) and asked her Mom to bring down a snack. I thought that was just awesome! I would scold my child now for doing such a thing if she were that age, of course.

I am lazy, and my husband is lazy. We know this and we've come to terms with it. If given the choice, we will always choose staying home and chilling on the couch vs a night out on the town (not that we get many opportunties for that these days).

The pinnacle of laziness occured a couple months ago: I was making lasagna and I wanted him to have a quick look at it while it was cooking. (Just a weird thing we do... .) He was sitting on the couch holding Colsen, about five-feet away, and just didn't want to get up. I understood, of course, so I simply took a picture of the lasagna with the digital camera and walked it over to him. Nice, eh?

I broke a small bone in my foot in early December and it rendered me unable to drive. Any momentum I had died right then and there. Our six-days-a-week of activities stopped. The television became more of a factor in our house (I hate to admit). Add to that the ridiculously cold temperatures and my general distate for winter as a season, and the laziness and 'blahs' have just settled in. I've actually been able to drive for the past couple of weeks, but it's been slow-going getting back into the swing of things. I'm having a really hard time shaking off the lethargy. Sunshine doesn't even help, because I know that sunshine in the winter means cold, cold, cold.

Winter blahs, aside... I'm concerned about how my lazy disposition will influence my kids. Gaby already puts up a bit of a fuss when we're getting ready to go out. She just wants to stay home. One of these days, I'm afraid I'm just going to agree with her and that'll be the end of it.

I've got grand plans for their extra curricular activies in the next handful of years... soccer, swimming, piano lessons, dance, etc. Honestly, I'm exhausted just thinking about it and I just have to drive the car!


Here's the lasagna. :)

Saturday, January 8, 2011

Mommy Brain

I'm hoping to get a few personal stories on this post.

A lot has been written on this concept of 'baby brain'... the idea that your memory can become impaired during pregnancy and up to a year after your wee one is born.

Hormones aside, I'm convinced that the after-birth lack of memory has more to do with the lack of sleep, lack of showers, lack of adult contact, lack of nice clothes, lack of elastic skin, etc... .

I think my baby brain incidents have been pretty minor in the grand scheme of things, so I'm willing to share.

Here are a few of the things that have happened (and are still happening) to me and my brain:

  • My immediate short-term memory has failed completely. Take a shopping trip, for example. I'll park the car, get out of the car, close the door and then have a minor panic attack because I have no idea where my car keys are. Something I never even used to think about. Of course, they`re in my purse, or in my pocket, but I have no recollection of the previous nano-second when I put them there. In order to alleviate my need to take Lorazepam in order to hit Metro, I actually have to tell myself, out loud, "the keys are in your purse." That eases the stress, and only makes me feel mildly idiotic. This is then repeated for the credit card when I pay for the groceries.

  • I had to stop buying nice gloves, and now stick firmly with the 3/$3 mini-magics. I currently have no idea where most of those are.

  • When making toast in the morning, I'll take out at least two knives for the peanut butter. One before I start, 'cause I'm efficient like that and want to make sure everything is ready once the toast comes out. When the toast is done, I'll grab another one because why the hell would I have taken out a knife before I needed it.

  • I usually make myself a tea in the morning, and due to various activities that take me away from being able to just sit and enjoy it, I tend to put it in the microwave for a warm-up at least twice before I`m able to finish drinking it. More often than not, it goes in to the microwave and doesn't come out for at least 8-10 hours when my husband opens up the microwave and asks me if I'm gonna drink this. Cheeky bastard.

  • Just the other day I poured myself a huge glass of milk, which under normal circumstances would be fine, except for the fact that I haven't had a glass of milk in 7-months because the dairy affects Colsen's digestive system (via breastfeeding).

  • And, the pièce de résistance that prompted this post... I was getting myself a drink, dropped a couple of ice-cubes in my glass, and then mindlessly dumped a scoop of Colsen's formula straight into it. I am calling it PC Organics On the Rocks, and currently shopping it around to a few of the swankier bars in the area.

If you can actually remember any personal incidents - funny or just weird - please share!

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

And, it begins...

As a parent, I think you always dread those questions that aren't necessarily hard to answer, but need some finessing when the answers are going to little ears. Where do babies come from? Why does Colsen have a penis? You know... fun stuff like that.

I got a doozy from Gaby a few nights ago, and the conversation just repeated itself tonight, with more wincing and backtracking than I care to admit.

We sing to her at night, before bed. She gets, on average, two books and two songs. Given the season I've been regaling her with my vast knowledge of Christmas carols and she's latched on to Away In a Manger. I do three verses, with the last part of the last verse going something like this:

"...bless all thy dear children
in thy tender care
and fit us for Heaven
to live with thee there."

Conversation #1 (Sunday night):
Gaby: Mom, what's heaven?
Me: Uhhh... it's a beautiful place that everyone goes to eventually. But not 'til much later. Good night, sweetie. *kisses her forehead and high-tails it out of there*

Conversation #2 (Wednesday night):
Gaby: What's heaven?
Me: It's a really nice place that we all go to eventually.
Gaby: Can we go to his house?
Mom: *wince* Yes, we can... but not right now... not for a long, long time.
Gaby: Can Colsen go?
Mom: *double wince* No, no Colsen can't go. Well, yes he can, but not for a long time, either.
Gaby: No... heaven doesn't like babies.
Mom: *speechless* Well, uhh yes... well, hmmm, babies don't belong in heaven. They belong with their Mommies and their Daddies and their big sisters.
Gaby: Ya. Mom?
Mom: Yes?
Gaby: I love ya.
Mom: *whew* Love you too, Noodle.

I'm thinking it's time to strike Away In a Manger from the playlist.

Any advice on this one...?