Friday, April 15, 2011

The Little Things...

Dedicated to Noah.

One of the things I was truly surprised about when I had a baby was the loss of 'me' time. I know, I know... naive much? But I don't mean hitting the gym three times a week, going out to dinner twice a week, or going to a movie when the mood hit. I mean things like showering, reading a book, eating. Time just gets away from you and priorities are not what they once were.

So, here are a list of little things that, clearly, I used to take for granted and now rejoice in (when I have the time):

Honestly, it is next to Godliness. When I was a teenager, I would drag my "boombox" (I'm so old) into the bathroom and listen to an entire album during a shower... I'm talking 45 minutes to an hour, minimum. It was nuts, and so gloriously wonderful. Currently, I can't even get through the full Toot & Puddle theme song during my showers. But, when I do grab one (usually left until absolutely necessary) it is a truly wonderful experience. Those 38 seconds, twice a week... heaven.

Grocery shopping
Not sure what's more astounding, how inefficient I am when shopping with the kids, or how efficient I am when I'm shopping solo. I wander when I'm out with the kids, and I feel like I've earned it. Given the three-act-play we go through just to get out of the house and into the car, I'll be damned if I'm going to rush through the store just to get home for Act IV. When you don't get out much, two loops of the local Metro is on par with a night out on the town. When I'm able to scoot out solo, the level of focus is almost scary. 

I have never, ever enjoyed sleep more in my life. Like, ever.

Watching TV
Watching a show, any show, that doesn't including the following phrases... "Oh Toodles, it's time to get to it!", "Who do we ask for help when we don't know which way to go?", "What's gonna work? Teeeeeamwork!", "I'm an animal rescuer!" and "Why is Rintoo crying?(that tiger has serious emotional issues, btw). Thank God for PVR - I think a TV-addicted Mom with three kids invented that.

Never one to shy away from food, those Healthy Choice frozen dinners have made my life so much easier. In a pinch, they are so perfect. Not chinsy on the portions and ingredients you can actually recognize. Highly recommended, because anything that requires more than 2-3 steps to cook, ain't gonna happen on a regular basis. (Note, I'm the only one eating these... the kids get the 2-3 step meals.)

I tell ya, though, I could sell tickets to the battle when I'm in need of all five. UFC ain't got nothing on me when there's no food in the house, I'm exhausted, haven't showered in three days and Top Chef is on.