Tuesday, October 5, 2010

My Bright Idea

I believe that everyone at some point gets a really great idea that if executed to perfection would be a huge success.

My bright idea came during the winter of my daughter's first year, while I was in the throes of making her baby food (immensely satisfying, btw). We were couped up inside and I was suffering from a bit of cabin fever as we really didn't get out much. One afternoon, with a craving for sushi, we hit a local place and sitting there in the corner was a noisy, messy, wonderful Mom & Baby group. Was I insanely jealous? Yes. Did I almost walk over and beg them to let me join? Yes. Instead, I reigned in the desparation and *bing* the bright idea hit:

A baby-food restaurant. Why should Mom's have all the food and fun?!

So, SWOT'g this puppy out:

Strengths & Opportunities:
The overhead couldn't be that much, right? A handful of steamers, food processors and some funky high-chairs and you're up and running. Operationally, my goodness, just think of the possibilities... 'bottle' service, designated VIP nap sections, cookbook spin-offs, loyalty programs (e.g. order 5 cubes of any green vegetable/pasta combo and get a free chick pea/blueberry mash), "Parents eat free!" Tuesday's, etc. So much potential. Finally... location, location, location... setting this gem up in a baby-booming suburb would ensure a steady, revolving door of clientele.

Weaknesses & Threats:
A cleaning bill that would likely break the bank in the first week. That pesky grocery-store baby food that costs, what, like 11 cents a jar (I don't even know)?! Crazed parents of infants that would not hesitate to torch the place if there was even one case of extra-runny poop after a dining experience.


As I am one of those crazed parents, I know better than to mess with them. Perhaps I'll just save the chick-pea/blueberry mash for my cozy, warm house this winter. We'll stay in.

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