Sunday, September 30, 2012

Giving Thanks...

I'd just like to thank Reitman's for making elastic waistband pants, but not calling them that, so it's socially acceptable to not only wear them to work, but talk about them when you're there.

Saturday, September 29, 2012


Although I haven't heard back from my doctor with regards to the gal bladder issue, I decided to pre-emptively renew my relationship with a naturopath.

Initial consult complete, she suggested I start with an elimination diet -- basically cutting out anything that could cause sensitivities. For three weeks. Given how I'd been eating prior to the visit, it is basically a complete diet change. 'Out' is wheat/gluten, dairy/eggs, red meat. 'In' is fruit, veggies and whatever kind of bread substitute I can ravagely get my hands on. Right now it's rice cakes. If you've got stock in them, you're probably sittin' pretty. Think about retirement.

Oddly, it hasn't been as bad as I'd anticipated. The plan is comprehensive, and comes with a shopping list, meal plan and recipes. Haven't followed the plan, but did try one of the recipes (with a personal twist) and it's delicious! I now need to focus on breakfasts. I cannot eat yet another bag of trail mix for breakfast. Currently researching smoothie recipes.

I'm only one week in and this is my first official 'weekend', which is usually where things fall apart for me on conventional diets. Hopefully the Thanksgiving weekend (coming up) won't pose too much of an issue, either.

After 6 days, I feel fantastic! No weight loss, but lets just say everything is functioning a lot better. And because there is no caffeine allowed, I'm super tired at the end of the day and sleeping like a log.

I knew it all along, but truly we are what we eat. When I ate garbage, it's what I felt like. I'm re-looking at how I feed my family now, too.

Only good can come of this. :)