Saturday, October 2, 2010

Last Day of Daycare

Our eldest child finished off her stint in daycare on Friday (Oct 1). Yes, I'm on maternity leave, but we committed to keeping her in for the summer as it seemed only fair to her. Getting acquainted with our new addition + our neighbourhood still being a construction zone = limited fun and stimulation for an active two-year-old.

The daycare she attends - My School - runs a fantastic summer program so we bit the bullet for June, July and August. In September we dropped her down to two days a week so as to not shock her system. (Truly, it was more for the benefit of my system, but still...).

Now, I've got to give major credit where it's due. She is one well-adjusted, well-socialized, polite, observant and loving little girl. I'd like to think most of that comes from her amazing parents (my eyes are rolling as well, don't worry), but she was in the care of others for eight-odd hours a day from 12-months to 28-months of age. A lot of who she is right now comes from them, and I couldn't be happier. They were able to give her more stimulation than we ever could with our limited resources at home.

She had a very special bond with a number of the instructors at the school and it was quite the sob-fest during the drop-off on Friday morning. She was fine, of course. It was Mom and one of her special teachers that couldn't hold it together. Lord, we must've looked silly. Me even moreso when I returned to the car and cried for another couple minutes. Damn hormones.

The pick-up wasn't much easier. We actually pushed the end-of-day time limit to maximize her last day, so she could spend time with a special friend.

So, to all the instructors/administrators she came into contact with, I thank you with all my heart. We are so proud of our little girl, and I don't think she could've gotten a better start anywhere else.

To LS, you are a shining star in her eyes and will always be considered a friend of ours.

We look forward to bringing her back to her friends next summer, and we trust that you will be able to do for our son what you did for our daughter.

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