Friday, October 22, 2010

Fir$t vs. $econd Child...

I just wanted to break this down to see if any other two-kid households had this experience:


Child #1
Where to begin...

We started with a bassinet that did everything but feed the child. Played music, simulated the womb, and vibrated. She hated all of it. But, the bed part actually lifts out and doubles as a change table. Sound/movement features aside, it is one of the best purchases we made for the use we still get out of it. (Child #2 hated those features, too, btw.)

We picked up basically the most expensive crib/dresser set we could find. This sucker converts into a double bed, and then I think into a new car when the child hits 16 years old. An organic crib matress and organic bedding to go with that, of course. I'd be embarassed to state the price. A grossly over-priced Toys R' Us lamp. Six 8" x 10" paintings from Chapters and stick-on wall graphics from Baby On The Hip! Both Wee Gallery, and both not cheap.

Child #2
Not a single new item was purchased for Colsen, except for a piggy bank, blinds and paint for the walls. He did receive a new hand-made blanket from his Aunty Reni, though, which is gorgeous.

Ironically, in anticipation of Child #2, Child #1 got an even newer bed, a new dresser and nightstand, and new lamps!


Child #1
We walked into Sears to do our baby registry and saw a Graco suite on display (stroller, carrier, playpen, swing and high-chair) and said, "We'll take it." Apparently half of Durham hit that same store and saw the same display because I can't go anywhere without seeing at least five of those bloody strollers clogging up the aisles. Having said that, I'm very glad we didn't check out any higher-end baby stores prior to the Sears trip because I would've dropped 5x as much on the stoller alone. And, our ignorance regarding the superior-stroller-and-gear market allowed us to use those 'savings' on the 'reasonably-priced' crib/dresser set. Ha.

Child #2
Bought a used Joovey Sit-n-Stand courtesy of Kajiji to ensure Child #1 has the option of riding along if walking becomes too much of a burden.


Child #1
First sling was purchased from the pre-natal class instructor -- turns out to be the best sling we own. The second sling was puchased at the Mommas & Chicks show -- used maybe twice (didn't work for us at all). Third sling was part of a prize package I won for purchasing umpteen items at the Mommas & Chicks show (second sling included) -- also a damn good sling.

Child #2
Bought a second-hand Baby Bjorn from Once Upon a Child to tide us over until he's big enough to use the first/second/third slings.


Child #1
Each and every shopping trip during my time off with Gaby (usually to the Superstore) resulted in approx. $100 of groceries + $100 in baby clothing (and for those Joe shoppers, you know that $100 can buy like 20 items in the baby section). We could open a fuzzy-touque museum, seriously. Just so damn cute. Anyhow, I think we have about 18 diaper boxes of old clothes stored in the basement. It's a testament to those 10pm, Tuesday-night, hormonal shopping trips that nearly put us in the poor house.

Child #2
Key attire "investment" for Colsen is bibs... tons of them... 'cause he's a puker and our washing machine is tiny.

Not a single new item of clothing was purchased for Colsen until he was about 6-weeks old. These items included day-of-the-week socks *heart*, two pairs of stretchy pants and some "gently-used" PJs (again, puker). To boot, these were all extraneous items! An amazing amount of hand-me-downs from my husbands' friend will get us through the Colsen's first year life without having to buy him a sinlge item of clothing. This includes halloween costumes, winter jackets and shoes.


Child #1
Suite of BPA-free, colic-reducing baby bottles with full sterlization and cleaning kit. Made all baby food, 95% organic.

Child #2
Re-using all bottles (still labeled with my daughter's name, sorry bud) and... huh, whaddya-know... there's a sanitization setting on the
dishwasher... sweet! Did purchase new nipples, of course. I'm not that cheap.

I am looking forward to making all of Colsen's baby food, though, as it is an immensely satisfying thing to do. Can't say for certain it'll be as organic, though.


Child #1
Obscene. Just obscene.

Child #2
Accepting gifts. Nothing new purchased. His Christmas list is slim-pickings this year.

I'm sure I've forgotten more than I listed here, but this is a good start.

So, parents with one child, if a second is in the cards are you going to lavish #2 like you did #1? If you could go back, knowing what you now know, would you have spent that much?

Perhaps I'm naive, but marketing did a great job of making me believe that the more I spent on my unborn child the better the parent I would be. Turns out the only thing babies need in the first year of their lives is your love, attention, warmth, smiles and guidance, and that doesn't cost anything. Everything else is gravy.


  1. LOL....I saw this phenomenon all the time at the store!!

  2. Yah, you would've had a front-row seat for that! Hot-linked Baby On The Hip, by the way. :)