Monday, March 14, 2011

Musings from 2:30am

Payback is a b*tch...

My husband and I were lucky enough to be able to take a week-long vacation, sans kids, to the Dominican a couple weeks go. We farmed the kids out to various family members who generously opened their home and used up their vacation to help us out. Took Gaby a few days to even realize that we were gone, and when she did, she only asked for Daddy (of course). Apparently she kept saying, "Is Daddy still at work?" Too cute.

It seems that Colsen, who's not yet speaking, has decided to make us pay by ending his sleep-through-the-night streak. Yes, he's only nine-months old so there could be other reasons for his sudden wake-ups, but he's been giving us 11-hour stretches for a couple months now, so I believe this is purely malicious.

At 2:30am this morning (after the 1:30am and 2am wake up) I had just about had it. Nearly gave my husband a heart attack when I threw the blankets back and stormed out of bed. Blazed a trail into Colsen's room, up to the crib, I tersely told him to "stop kicking out of his swaddle" (because I'm sure all he needed was a stern talking to *rolls eyes*), put the soother back in his mouth and stormed out.

Back into bed, adrenalin pumping and seriously questioning why I want a third kid, I try to relax. Fifteen minutes later, I was just about to drift off... and my husband starts snoring. Not loud, just a kind of soft, deep breathing. Honest to GOD, I nearly lost my mind. I actually thought, "Dear, you would be safer if you suffered heart failure right now than if you continued to snore..." He must've felt my tension, because the snoring stopped immediately.

I'm currently looking to book another vacation, this time with the whole family, in hopes of righting our wrong. Clearly, Colsen doesn't come cheap.