Wednesday, January 5, 2011

And, it begins...

As a parent, I think you always dread those questions that aren't necessarily hard to answer, but need some finessing when the answers are going to little ears. Where do babies come from? Why does Colsen have a penis? You know... fun stuff like that.

I got a doozy from Gaby a few nights ago, and the conversation just repeated itself tonight, with more wincing and backtracking than I care to admit.

We sing to her at night, before bed. She gets, on average, two books and two songs. Given the season I've been regaling her with my vast knowledge of Christmas carols and she's latched on to Away In a Manger. I do three verses, with the last part of the last verse going something like this:

"...bless all thy dear children
in thy tender care
and fit us for Heaven
to live with thee there."

Conversation #1 (Sunday night):
Gaby: Mom, what's heaven?
Me: Uhhh... it's a beautiful place that everyone goes to eventually. But not 'til much later. Good night, sweetie. *kisses her forehead and high-tails it out of there*

Conversation #2 (Wednesday night):
Gaby: What's heaven?
Me: It's a really nice place that we all go to eventually.
Gaby: Can we go to his house?
Mom: *wince* Yes, we can... but not right now... not for a long, long time.
Gaby: Can Colsen go?
Mom: *double wince* No, no Colsen can't go. Well, yes he can, but not for a long time, either.
Gaby: No... heaven doesn't like babies.
Mom: *speechless* Well, uhh yes... well, hmmm, babies don't belong in heaven. They belong with their Mommies and their Daddies and their big sisters.
Gaby: Ya. Mom?
Mom: Yes?
Gaby: I love ya.
Mom: *whew* Love you too, Noodle.

I'm thinking it's time to strike Away In a Manger from the playlist.

Any advice on this one...?

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