Sunday, November 7, 2010

Is Santa's hat with Santa at the North Pool?

I'm more excited than usual about Christmas this year. In a bad year, I'm absolutely nuts about Christmas, so this is serious. Many more Christmas posts will follow, I'm sure, and don't be surprised if one is just Christmas carol lyrics. I'm that bad. (And for the record, I am done 95% Christmas shopping - my agenda this week is to start wrapping and get the Christmas cards done. God, I love being home.)

The concept of Santa is much more prevalent in our house this year than it was last year. I'm a little embarassed to admit it, but 'Santa' is really helping keep behaviour in check these days. Honestly, Gaby is good 95% of the time, but you better believe we're pulling out the "Santa only brings gifts to good boys and girls" the other 5% of the time.

At this stage, Gaby is aware of the basics: Santa makes the presents; he only brings presents to good kids. She knows he lives at the North Pool (yes, she calls it the North Pool and I don't have the heart to correct her because it's so darn cute). For some reason, though, she believes that his hat lives somewhere else. After she asks where Santa is, she always needs confirmation that his hat lives there, too. So odd.

The first time she said she wanted to see him, I failed miserably as a parent. I wanted to do this right and not confuse her, so I said:

We'll see Santa soon. Right now he's at his house in the North Pole making all the toys for Christmas, but soon he'll be doing his pre-Christmas tour (!!!!) and well be able to see him then.

Pre.Christmas.Tour. Like WTF?! She accepted it at face value so I didn't push it.

In hindsight, I think I should've said that he'll be around soon to ask you want you want for Christmas, but I kinda messed that up by telling her that he's already making presents. Like, why would he make presents before taking requests?? I'm sure I'm over-thinking it.

I just hope that if she gets up the courage to sit on his lap this year, she does't start asking him about his tour and where his hat lives. He'll think he's more drunk than he probably already is.


  1. hilarious! so happy it's the Christmas season too! I bought my gingerbread house and candy decorations yesterday! pumped! however, it will not be decorated until i'm sitting, watching the santa claus parade, drinking hot chocolate. duh. excited!

  2. Our lights are already up! As for Santa presents..... just wait until she starts asking for things like "retired" webkinz that are impossible to get. "I don't know if Sanata can bring that" I tell them. But what do I say when they tell me that Santa MAKES all his toys, so can't he just make one? So far, I just kinda change the subject. LOL

  3. Too funny! I totally had to try to hide my toys r us giant toy book for fear that I would be innundated with... "can i get this? what is that? that's cool, can I have that?" But my kids eyes are far superior than mine and as soon as that blue cover came out of our mailbox, she snatched it up. I am so jealous that you are almost ready for Christmas. I am having anxiety about US thanksgiving. After dinner, I try to hit the stores hard with black friday. Maybe the shove and curse of a fellow shopper will prompt me to be more Christmas ready! But I love your spirit! :)