Friday, November 19, 2010

Good News / Bad News

Can you ground a two year old...? Just wondering. In trying to think postive about the morning we had, here's what I've come up with.

The Good News: Gaby is comfortable climbing to the top of the massively tall, fits-kids-only play centre at gymnastics.

The Bad News: She figured it out after all the kids were told to leave the play centre for their warm down, resulting in Mom chasing her through the friggin' thing for about 10 minutes, which -- trust me -- is a very long time for someone who is scared of heights and who, frankly, does not fit into it.

The Good News: Gaby can run, fast.

The Bad News: She decided to illustrate this skill in a PARKING LOT today, after being told umpteen times that she is never to run in a parking lot. Honest to God, like a bat-out-of-hell she was off like a shot. I know, I know... welcome to the next 15 years...

The Good News: She didn't get hit by any 20-tonne semi's (which frequent said parking lot).

The Bad News: She face planted before any trucks could hit her when she turned around to see if I was chasing her. I consider this fair punishment.

The Good News: I think Gaby is starting to love Christmas as much as her Mom!

The Bad News: She made everyone at Michael's aware of this by:

(a) Running through all the aisles screaming, "Mommy, I'll meet you in this aisle..." over and over again. (See the "running fast" story for how this one ended).

(b) Pulling just about everything off the shelves. Aside: I never realized how many small things Michael's sells... it must take them days upon days to unput all the SKUs into their system. Anyway, at one point I was literally holding her by her jacket hood. First time I've ever considered getting a leash for my child.

The Good News: Daddy bought three bottles of wine earlier this week.

Full stop.

Have a great, stress-free weekend!

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