Thursday, August 2, 2012

Melinda Pudding & Dut-Wahs

*Warning: Post likely contains content only I will find humourous*

Naturally, there's going to be a kid-speak post on a Mom blog. I'm surprised I haven't done it sooner. I think about it a lot, especially when I hear something precious come from the mouth of babes. I think, "I should write this down!" And then it's gone. Well, I'm going to start documenting it here. One post only, but I will update.

Melinda pudding. Gaby wasn't able to get her mouth around "vanilla" as a toddler, but she was very capable of saying "melinda", who was my midwife for both Gaby and Colsen. One of her favourite desserts is vanilla pudding, which was affectionately called "Melinda pudding" for at least a year. The other day she asked for "vanilla pudding", which was promptly corrected by Mom and Dad. It will forever be "Melinda pudding".

Dut-wah. Colsen's vocab is slowly progressing. There's a whole lot of talking going on, but not a lot of sense being made. His future as a politician is solid. His interests right now lie with all motorized and non-motorized vehicles, cat tails, kitchen utensils and not saying 'sorry'. Construction vehicles are of particular interest, but his little mouth just can't quite get it. Dump trucks (dut-wahs) are his first love, and just about any and every construction vehicle is identified as a 'dut-wah'. They're doing construction along the route to daycare, so it's a chorus of 'dut-wahs' all the way to and from school each morning. I will cry the day he starts properly saying 'dump truck'.

Roo / Ah-roo / Ah-doo: Colsen is fluent in Whoville speak. This is how he says thank-you.

Baschmoom: Vacuum, of course. :)

Rebib: Robot

Bao: Bottle

Hanta comin: Santa's coming. (He's my boy!)

Soupie: Smoothie

Piscies: Rice Krispies!

Downdairs: Down stairs

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